Dear Beloved friends and family in the Four Directions:

Humanity is at a crossroads. Many years ago I had a vision to raise the spiritual consciousness between us as humans and Mother Earth. In order to accomplish this I created a non-profit organization called “The Path,” whose mission is to conserve and distribute seeds for future generations.

We are at a crossroads in Humanity and with the Path. I am faced with the decision to possibly close The Path as a 501(c)(3) and perhaps sell the 40 acres. If I can’t raise the funds to sustain the costs of The Path we will put the land, temples and buildings for sale to an individual(s) or organization to care for both the physical and invisible community. My life’s mission is to preserve for seeds.

I humbly ask for you to go within and consider participating, sharing and giving to The Path. We are all called to give from our hearts as a way to inspire personal philanthropy during the holiday season. We will be keeping the fundraiser until December 31, 2017. As a 501(c)(3) organization you can use this as a tax deductible donation.

Help me support the seeds for our children, grandchildren and our grandchildren’s children for the next seven generations.

Love and Light,


I am in prayer in integration for at least 40 days or longer. I will be checking in with my daughter Heather, who has instructions and will check my email. Please feel free to contact Heather by email at please reference Grandmother Flordemayo in the subject line…/grandmother-flordem…/x/14993333