Private Healing Sessions

Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Four Directions,

I thank you so much for your interest in scheduling a private session with Flordemayo. Please review the information below and in the event you have any further questions I would be happy to help out. Just email me at (Please note that I answer emails in the evening so much gratitude in advance for your kind patience).

Many Blessings of Love and Light,
Flordemayo’s® Assistant & Daughter

What is the Cost of the Private Session?

For private consultations, there is a fee of $200.00 . There is an option to add a higher amount as any additional monies benefit the mission of The Path. The hour suggested donation of $200. Ideally scheduling one hour if your schedule allows. I am also teaching my daughter Heather to do healing sessions and the suggested donation is $100. Private sessions can be done in person, or distant healings via a phone call around Grandmother Flordemayo and Heather’sschedule.

How do I make a payment?

A PayPal button is provided below for your convenience. It is not necessary to have a personal PayPal account to use the PayPal option- only access to a credit card or checking account is needed. As soon as we receive payment and your desired times, we will send you a confirmation email. Please use the link below and send confirmation of your payment to

Please use link below to pay:

What information is needed for the session?

The following information will be required for Flordemayo® to prepare for your session:

• Name & contact information
• Date of birth
• Desired appointment date & time
• Reason why you are seeking a private session

How do I prepare for a Private Session?

Prior to the session, Flordemayo® encourages you to connect with her in prayer by focusing on your intent to elevate your body, mind and Spirit so by the time of your appointment you are already in the vibration of self growth and self empowerment. Also, we encourage you to take time in stillness to write down 3-5 questions that would be important to address for the session. These questions will be addressed as time allows so prioritize them accordingly.

How does a Private Healing Session work?

On the hour of your scheduled appointment you will initiate the in person, telephone call, or Skype to Flordemayo®. Her phone number and/or Skype information will be provided upon receipt of payment. The length of each appointment is about 45 – 60 minutes. When you connect with Flordemayo® she will begin to tune into your energy field to share information about what is important for your path.

As part of her Mayan heritage, she may use your birthdate to calculate your Mayan Day Lord associated with your time of birth. Each day sign holds the role of shaping and influencing the character, abilities and professional preferences of individuals thus providing a source of insight for those seeking information about their life path. Flordemayo®, with her extensive knowledge on herbs, can suggest which herb is best suited to strengthen your physical, spiritual or emotional blockages.

You are the sole focus of her attention so there may be other messages that may be shared as potential teachings and points of awareness that are beneficial at that moment in time. Whether it comes as a surprise or a validation of what you have always known- the information will help you make informed decisions about important issues. The experience during the session is always aligned with the energies of love and light whose intent is divinely devoted to your greater good and highest purpose.

What happens after the Private Healing Session?

As part of the private consultations and group gatherings, Flordemayo® may recommend personal Tools for empowerment which may be purchased on your own or found through our website store. She may recommend herbs that would be available in your region that you can purchase on your own. There may be new insights offered that will shed light on the next steps to take on your life path. The goal is to imbibe any teachings or wisdom that will ignite and inspire you to mobilize your inner strengths to transform areas needing healing into wholeness. As with any path of enlightenment, the progress depends on the work you dedicate towards yourself as you incorporate the tools gained from the session into your spiritual practice. Many blessings on your journey of healing and self-discovery!

Please note:

This consultation does not take the place of medical care and does not promise any cure or to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies. These private sessions are intended to offer an insight into a person’s personal life and do not in any way, constitute legal, financial, medical, psychological or professional advice.


“When I tune into someone’s field, what I see is a dance of light surrounding the individual’s body. I then translate this information for healing, clearing, personal guidance or whatever the person desires through their intention. My work has been helpful with health issues, life changes, walking with purpose, issues with children, home clearing, mental health, individual and family blessings.”

Flordemayo® speaks about the light body