Online Teachings

Grandmother’s Healing Wisdom: A Prayer, Blessing & Sharing Circle

Receive potent insights to guide your life — powered by prayer and blessings, and infused with grace — as you open yourself to the Mystery that leads to miracles.

Discover the Power of Prayer

Discover how you can become a vehicle for greater healing by receiving sacred rituals that honor nature, activate the elements of fire and water, and enhance the transformative power of prayer.

Sacred Dawn: Mayan Prayer Circle for the New Year

Experience Four Sacred Days of Ritual and Ceremony With One of Our Wisest Indigenous Planetary Elders – All to Powerfully Prepare You for the Birth of a New Humanity.

Bringing the Spirit of Shamanism into Your Everyday Life

Join universal healer Grandmother Flordemayo for a 5-session course in the art of indigenous feminine wisdom. You will learn simple and effective practices to help you heal your life and those around you, free your heart and navigate these prophetic times.

Grandmother’s Wisdom Circle: Healing, Prayer, Ceremony & the Art of Sacred Living

Enter Into Sacred Circle With a Beloved Mayan Grandmother and Receive Healing, Prayers and Blessings. Open Your Heart and Move Through Life in a More Connected Way as You Discover the 7 Sacraments of Spiritual Life.

Universal Wisdom From the Mayan Calendar

Experience the ancient Mayan wisdom through ritual, prayer, and ceremony with a revered wisdom keeper to live a more sacred and heartfelt life. Discover the power of knowing each day’s sacred meaning and aligning with greater harmony within and with all beings.