Crystal Skull Wisdom I


Aug 27, 2020 12:00 PM MST

Join Grandmother Flordemayo & her daughter Heather for an intimate workshop on CRYSTAL SKULL wisdom teachings. . Grandmother Flordemayo will begin & end with a prayer and do a meditation and share her wisdom about crystal skulls. 

Join us on Thursday, August 27th and Noon MST. It is 2 Kame on our sacred Mayan Calendar. This is a powerful day of the transformations.

Crystal skulls are becoming more popular lately. Perhaps you are considering the best way to use yours, to benefit you? This webinar Grandmother Flordemayo and her Heather will talk about what you can do to utilize them in your daily life and how to care for them, how to choose one, and how to use them in ceremony. 

Grandmother Flordemayo has been a skull carrier & ceremonialist for many decades. Each skull that has been adopted or in her collection have been part of many ceremonies with Flordemayo at The Path., & the crystal skulls have always played an important role in the 40 acres. 

“I believe that the skulls emit psychic energy, auras, and even sounds.” Grandmother Flordemayo

I have hundreds of crystal skulls and often will put some crystal skulls up for adoption and the suggested donations help with expenses for the non-profit I founded The Path. All the skulls are my personal collection or have been imprinted with my personal skulls and come with my devoted care and love. I have been a skull carrier and ceremonialist for many decades.”

The Mayan day lord Kame is the lord of the west. Kame is in the shape of a crystal skull to show as beings have the intelligence of a human. However, tradition tells us the lords of the four directions descended as light beams – so we as human beings also hold the knowledge of the Stars. The Pleiades – or the human mind understands both the terrestrial and celestial. Crystal skulls can be used to see visions of the past, present, and future.

There is limited space so please sign up early and feel free to invite a friend or share this event!