Discovering Universal Wisdom from the Mayan Calendar: Free Virtual Event

How to Align with the Cosmic Forces to navigate Your Life with Vision, Truth & Love

Grandmother Flordemayo will be sharing insights into how to decipher and work with this ancient wisdom on Wednesday, March 21, in a special online event: Discovering Universal Wisdom From The Mayan Calendar: How to Align with Cosmic Forces to Navigate Your Life With Vision, Truth & Love.

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During our hour with Flordemayo, you will:

• Understand the importance of the Mayan “daily calendar,” which has 20 days, each governed by a different daylord, an archetypal force perceived as a “shaft of light”

• Find out how to work with both celestial and terrestrial energies on a daily basis to bring more alignment into your life

• Discover how to use Mayan calendar readings to live in balance with the 4 sacred elements — Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

• Discover how to use the wisdom of the Mayan calendar to live a life of love and harmony with all of creation

• Be guided to make the actual day of this online event into a day of forgiveness, offering intentional prayers to the Earth for cleansing and healing

• You can look to the Mayan calendar to access when it’s best to undertake particular creative projects, undergo surgery, or when to have a wedding or hold a celebration of life. Or to understand why your life seems out of control on a particular day — and to choose a better day to complete your tasks with greater ease.

• On a deeper level, the Mayan calendar offers us a philosophy of life, a way of understanding the universe, our experiences, and our lives.

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