Gathering for Humanity - Call for Art

Awaken through the Seeds of Knowledge & Wisdom

Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 16th to 20th 2018


Thank you for your contribution. This is a great opportunity for all creatives in our community to show and share their talent and support.

We are having an art fundraiser in May to raise funds for our event and bring our Grandmothers from near and afar to the Gathering. Our intention is to take care of our Grandmothers and offer them financial compensation deserving of their gift to us.

Your art form and generosity is greatly appreciated.

You can help by donating a piece of your art. Paintings, drawings, handmade clothing, jewelry, quilts, or other decorative items are just some examples we seek for our fundraising efforts. If you have a calling to donate your artwork, please know your gift of artistic activism makes a difference.

To participate

Kindly email the following information to with subject: ART FOR HUMANITY: ENTRY
  • Title
  • Material & Size
  • Brief description
  • Selling price
  • % you wish to donate if sold

We will notify all selected artists by March 31st with information on how to proceed.

Some selected artists will be featured on our website as thanks for their contribution, with a photo, description, name and website link as credit.

Will I receive a tax donation form?

All selected artists will be given a tax deductible donation form for the amount of their art donated to apply toward their 2018 taxes.

Where will Art Donations go?

Each Art donation will either go to the Path to be sold or Silent Auction for bidding as decided upon by the event committee.

Please share & help us spread the word wide & far.


Please email

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind donation and your assistance in taking care of our Grandmothers and to help us carry out our mission.

Love & Light,


Gathering for Humanity

Honored  Guests:
Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance
Grandmother Moetu Taiha
Grandmother SaSa
Grandmother Persil (Perci)

Musical  Guests include:
Joanne and Leah Shenandoah
Geri Littlejohn
Rick ‘Thunder’ Bastine – Music as Medicine
Walking Star – Music as Medicine