Global Sisterhood presents- Full moon virtual circle with Grandmother Flordemayo

May 7th, 2020 12pm EST / 4pm GMT

Requested payment is $16
Money will be going to the Grandmother Flordemayo


Global Sisterhood presents Full moon virtual circle with our very special guest, Grandmother Flordemayo, one of the sacred members of the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

We are deeply honored that Grandmother Flordemayo will be sitting in circle with us to share her wisdom regarding these unprecedented times, sacred prayers, and a healing meditation.

This Full Moon in Scorpio allows us to enter the deep waters of our psyche and of the collective psyche which means we can utilize this potent energy to do some healing work.

As women doing our inner-work, it is vital to go deep together, and also to know when to come up for air to play and celebrate.

The virtual circle this full moon with Grandmother Flordemayo will be a powerful place to allow our uncertainty to unfold and bring us into a greater space of alignment.

If you have yet to sit in virtual-circle with us, we highly recommend you join for this one.

As a collective, when we establish a greater number of heart-aligned frequencies (like we do in circle) we can literally send ripples out to all of humanity. Join us as we go deep, transform, and raise the frequency of our Earth.