Grandmother Flordemayo’s Seeds for a New Beginning- Fundraiser

Want to join me in making a difference? I’m raising money for Grandmother Flordemayo & The Path and your donation will help make an impact. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me as her daughter, her assistant and volunteer for The Path. This is the legacy my Mom wants to pass on for Future Generations.

The mission of the Path is to conserve and distribute seeds for the future generations. We meet our mission through seed conservation, education, and collaboration with other organizations. Our Vision is to raise spiritual consciousness on the inter-connectiveness between humanity and Mother Earth.

What the funds are for:

Today, we are going Green! Our intention is to bring renewable and sustainable technologies to The Path , such as solar and/or wind power, indoor agriculture (container farming), rain catchment system, and gray water system. This would create economic opportunity for the local community, apprenticeships and internships for students with hands-on training in these technologies, and support The Path in a more sustainable way.

Grandmother Flordemayo  will also be doing a European Tour this Fall to spread her message for future generations about saving the seeds.  Grandmother is a much sought after Wisdom Keeper, Teacher and Speaker. In many cases, she covers the cost of travel, meals, and all expenses associated with the trip for herself as well as an assistant that travels with her to support her throughout the trip with scheduling, transportation, on-sight store, healings, etc.  Your generosity helps offset these out of pocket expenses.