Grandmother’s Prayer & Gratitude Open House

Sacred Wisdom Teachings from the Heart

Grandmother Flordemayo
Grandmother SaSa
Grandfather Terry
Grandmother Karen

July 19th to 21st, 2019

The Path, 12 Beeman Circle, Estancia, NM 87016

Join Grandmother Flordemayo, Grandmother SaSa (Swan of the North), Grandfather Terry, and Grandmother Karen, for a weekend of Wisdom Teachings from the Heart. The event will begin Friday, July 19th, with a welcoming ceremony and prayer and run daily – 10am to 5pm through Sunday, July 21st. Availability is limited. Each day will begin and end with a prayer and include a guided meditation unique to the collective group, with time allotted for questions. Guidance will be shared on what each day represents on the Mayan calendar as each day is different, with a different energy.

Please note that the Teachings will be quite fluid. In preparation for each session and day, each presenter will attune to the collective energy of those present and draw inspiration and guidance from Spirit. Though there are themes for each session and a schedule for each day, it’s not guaranteed that everything listed will be covered; rather each presenter will teach as they feel guided, sharing exactly what’s needed.

Ticket sales will benefit The Path’s mission.

For more information on our daily schedule, kindly visit our ticket sales and event page here.

Day 1: Friday July 19th, 2019 – Wisdom and Guidance with Prayer.
Day 2: Saturday July 20th, 2019 – Living your Peaceful Self.
Day 3: Sunday July 21st, 2019 – The Wisdom of The Sacred Divine Feminine.

Private Healing Sessions available at event

Private Healing Sessions with Grandmother Flordemayo & Grandmother’s Prayer Altar

To inquire about personal healing sessions with Grandmother Flordemayo and her daughter Heather Hall-Dudney, please email Heather at Grandmother Flordemayo is transitioning to have her daughter Heather and her Granddaughters take over healing sessions when she is not available. When emailing, please include your date of birth and reason(s) for personal session. Each session is $200 for one hour. Heather will send a PayPal invoice for payment. No refunds will be given for healings scheduled during Open House due to limited availability.

We are so happy to announce that Grandmother Flordemayo will have her prayer altar and crystal skulls available for private meditation and personal healing sessions. Grandmother’s personal prayer altar and crystal skulls are transformational! There are two options; $50 for a half-hour session or $100 for a full hour session. Availability is limited so we encourage you to sign up as soon as you are guided to do so.

Private Healing Sessions with Grandmother SaSa

To inquire about personal healing sessions with Grandmother SaSa, please call Angela Corriz at (505) 930-8000, who will be assisting Grandmother SaSa. Sessions are $200 for one hour and $100 for a half-hour. When emailing, please include full name, your date of birth and reason(s) for the personal session with Grandmother SaSa.

Thursday – 1:00pm / 2:15pm / 3:30pm
Friday – 11:00am / 1:00pm / 2:15pm
Saturday – 11:00am / 1:00pm / 2:15pm
Sunday – 11:00am / 1:00pm / 2:15pm

Payments must be made in advance via Paypal. Please note there will be no refunds for cancellations.

During this weekend with Grandmother Flordemayo and other elders, you will have a deeper level of self-healing, self-care, and self-empowerment. Discover, or rediscover, prayer as a potent spiritual practice that can transform your life and the lives of others. Being in the presence of spiritual elders — who live their lives as one long prayer — can open you to the effortlessness of this practice, receiving wisdom and guidance with ease.

When you arrive at the retreat, you’ll be greeted by our friendly volunteer service community, a warm group of people who are committed to supporting you during your stay. Our community members aspire to the following guidelines. We invite you to do the same so you can make the most of your learning experience.

*Stay present: Be as fully present as you can during the workshop. Refrain from the use of cell phone and other electronic devices while in classrooms, ceremony or public spaces.

*Be mindful of time: Pay attention to the schedule, arriving on time for sessions and meals, and helping to ensure that segments begin and end on time.

*Create a safe space: Observe confidentiality. Be mindful to give constructive input and feedback during workshop exercises.

*Stay open: Practice deep listening. Be respectful of the range of ideas and opinions that may be expressed.

*Share and connect: Meet new friends, talk about what you’re experiencing, sit with a variety of people, and network.

*Do something different: Break out of your habitual patterns. Speak up rather than remain silent, or listen rather than speak. Go for a break rather than stay with the crowd, or join in rather than sit alone.

*Take care of yourself: Participate fully, but also take advantage of your surroundings.

*Please silence or turn off cell-phones during ceremonies, meditations, prayer and wisdom panel discussions.

*Please adhere to rules on taking pictures or recording ceremonies, meditations, prayer and wisdom panel discussions.

What to Bring:
Water and snacks
Sturdy shoes for uneven ground
Sitting blankets or pillows or lawn chair
Sun Umbrella
Sun block
Bag lunch (a few restaurants in Estancia)
Appropriate headgear
Altar objects and gifts

Leave only blessings, intentions, prayers and footprints

What not to Bring:
* No pets allowed unless they are service animals
* No smoking
* No alcohol or tobacco use on the property, or street drugs
* No overnight guests or camping at The Path

Please be aware:
* The Path is located on 40 acres in the desert with snakes, including rattlesnakes, rabbits, frogs, owls, ravens, – so please use caution and awareness while walking the property.
* The Desert weather can change quickly, please pack accordingly
* There is limited cell service at The Path and we encourage no cell phone use during your visit

SACRED TEMPLES AT THE PATH – The Path is housed on a 40- acre piece of property in Estancia, New Mexico just east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Estancia is translated as the “place of rest.” On the 40- acres are Flordemayo’s five sacred temples of humanity: The Temple of The Golden Child, The Water Temple, The Fire Temple, The Seed Temple and The Earth Temple. These sacred sites serve as places for ceremony, celebrations, group teachings, and beautiful reminders of our deep connection with Mother Earth.

THE SEED TEMPLE –  The purpose of the Seed Temple is to preserve, propagate, and protect seeds of heritage, heirloom or endangered crop species and varieties for future generations. In the spirit of community service, these seeds will be shared so families can benefit from their goodness.

Availability is limited

Ticket sales will benefit The Path’s mission.

“May your Path be filled with Love & Light”

Grandmother Flordemayo