Listen to the Grandmothers Wisdom
Session VI: Grandmother Flordemayo

Live from New Mexico
Friday October 2, 2020, 11:00am – 12:30pm EDT

An online book reading and dialogue with the Grandmothers,
relatives and collaborators.

Friday October 2, 2020 is 12 Iq’ on the Sacred Mayan Calendar

It is thought that all matter was composed of the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The Second Sacred Element is the Air, at birth we take our first breath.  We are also air… we must breathe every minute of our lives. There is no boundary between air and ourselves; it is always in us. The air we breathe out goes into the bodies of those next to us. Air is not an empty space or a vacuum; it’s a physical substance that binds us together and links us with all of Mother Earth and her inhabitants. These sacred elements — Water, Air, Fire, and Earth are basic to us as celestial and terrestrial beings. They ought to be treasured beyond price, celebrated and cherished, and fiercely protected at all costs. The ultimate miracle is the diverse web of life itself, which creates, cleanses, and renews those four sacred elements. We are all related!  We need each of the four sacred elements to flourish.

According to my Mayan chart the element of Air is important because Iq’ is the lord of the wind, the breath. All my life I was sick in my lungs and had to fight my breath – it’s a blessing and a detriment, it is a weakness in my body. It is also my breath that allows me to do my humming prayer and send my prayers in the Four Directions. 

A strong number and a strong nawal combine today to give the potential for great inspiration. The nawal Iq’ has the power to inspire, after all, it is the breath of life itself. The divine breath, moving through us, animating us and bringing movement into the world. However, sometimes that movement is uncertain, it brings unexpected changes. The energy of 12 Iq’ could be seen as providing an understanding of how to embrace a sudden change based on previous experiences. It could also be a day to use the experience you have gained through your life to motivate and inspire others through your words.

Grandmother Flordemayo

mä creative and the Grandmothers Wisdom project invites you to gather online twice a month as the Grandmothers read and expand on their life stories portrayed in the Grandmothers Wisdom: Reverence For All Creation book. A forum will be opened for questions and dialogue with the Grandmothers about their chapter and how their life journey can help and inspire all to meet these times of great upheaval and transformation.

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Note: This event will not be recorded for distribution, it is being created for a live intimate experience in community and prayer.