Open Call for Artists 2019

Grandmother Flordemayo and The Path are very grateful to all the Artists and donors who made the 2018 Art fundraiser a success.

We will continue our Art Fundraiser efforts in 2019 to help continue to raise funds for The Path in support of our mission.

We are asking for Art item donations. Donated Art items will be featured at The Path during upcoming events and available for purchase or be part of an online auction for bidding. Proceeds from the Art items will go to The Path.

You can support The Path and Grandmother Flordemayo by donating a piece of your art, paintings, drawings, handcrafted clothing, jewelry, quilts, or other decorative items. These are some examples we are seeking for our fundraising efforts. If you have a heart calling to donate your artwork, please know that your gift of artistic activism can make a difference and is deeply appreciated.

We invite all Artists to participate. This is a great opportunity for all creatives to donate, show and share their talent.

Please email your art information by May 10, 2019.


To participate, kindly email the following information to with 2019 ART DONATION ENTRY in the subject line.

  • Quality image of the artwork
  • Artist Name
  • Title of the Artwork
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
  • Value of the Artwork (must be established by the donor if desired)
  • Email of Artist
  • Contact telephone number of Artist

Once the application is submitted, the information will be reviewed and all artists will be notified via email with instructions on how to proceed if their artwork is accepted. Instructions will include shipping of the art item. Shipping costs for sending the Art item, to The Path are the responsibility of the Artist.

All donations to The Path qualify as a charitable contribution to a 501(c)(3) organization and are considered outright and unconditional donation(s)/gift(s) to The Path.

Some selected Artists will be featured on our website along with Art Photo, Description, Artist Name and Artist website link as credit, as a thank you for their generous Art donation.

For further information please contact Angela Corriz at

With sincere appreciation for your kind generosity, I thank you for assisting and continuing to help carry out the mission to conserve and distribute seeds for future generations.

Love and Light,

Grandmother Flordemayo and The Path