Peace & Prayer I


November 1, 2020 12:00 PM MST

Join Grandmother Flordemayo and her daughter Heather for an intimate workshop on peace & prayer. Grandmother Flordemayo will begin and end with a prayer as well as offer a unique a meditation and share her wisdom.

Please note that this webinar “Peace & Prayer ” and Teachings by Grandmother Flordemayo will be quite fluid. In preparation for each webinar and day, Grandmother Flordemayo will attune to the collective energy of those present and draw inspiration and guidance from Spirit and will teach as she is guided, sharing exactly what’s needed an offer a mediation and prayer that is unique to this group.

The focus of this webinar will be on setting our intentions each day. How can we find peace within ourself and quiet our minds? Why is prayer so important and powerful? How can we bring prayer into our daily life? What can we do individually to practice forgiveness and be more peaceful?

The energy of the day very much highlights communication with our ancestors, or receiving inspiration from them that you weave into your creation. It may be the words or ideas of our ancestors that we hear today. This connection with the spirit world creates a powerful day to share wisdom and be in circle together. This day will bring us into a good day to develop our spiritual powers and to connect and communicate with the spiritual world. This workshop will focus on how to we can each find balance and beauty everyday and bring prayer into your everyday life, how to tap into your individual wisdom and use our ancestral wisdom within ourselves.

This is a good day to find clarity, awareness and illumination. It is a good day to develop your spiritual powers and to connect and communicate with the spiritual world.

There is very limited in space so please register early.