Spiritual Protocols & Spiritual Law I


October 24, 2020 2:00 PM MST

Join Grandmother Flordemayo, Grandmother Sasa, Kim Langbecker, Angela Corriz Heather Stone for an intimate workshop on Spiritual Protocol Spiritual & Law, Saturday, October 24th at Noon MST.

The Grandmothers will share their wisdom about Spiritual Protocol & Spiritual Law. The webinar will be recorded & made available to all registrants.

Please note that the webinar Spiritual Protocol, Spiritual Law & Teachings by Grandmother Flordemayo & Grandmother SaSa, will be quite fluid. In preparation, The Grandmothers will attune to the collective energy of those present & draw inspiration & guidance from Spirit. They will teach as they are guided, sharing exactly what’s needed. They will offer a mediation & prayer that is unique to this group.

The focus of this webinar will be on becoming aware of spiritual protocols for both in-person & online events.

How can we participate in ceremonies while being mindful of our Elders and different traditions?

Why is Spiritual Protocol and Spiritual Law so important?

How can we feel included in a new ceremony?

What can we individually do to practice Spiritual Protocol and Spiritual Law?

As we navigate through our world today, there are many uncertainties & what we perceive for ourselves as Normal.

Wherever your path leads you, never lose sight of your own authentic spiritual journey.  It is not about taking someone else’s knowledge & transforming it for your own self-interest or self-ego.

In this current dominant digital age, it is important that we be mindful & respectful of others.  Everyone has their own unique traditions & rituals.

Grandmother Flordemayo & Grandmother SaSa are Elders who are valued for their wisdom & hold a position of responsibility & authority in service to humanity.  They carry a deep spirituality that influences every aspect of their lives & teachings.  Striving to show by example – they live their lives according to deeply ingrained principles & values.