The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, mä creative and the Grandmothers Wisdom project invites you for a four-day online retreat and ceremonial gathering.

June 4th – 7th 2020


The Summit of the Rose asks the questions: How can we be more fully in love with life? Are we living the call of our heart? What is feeding our lives, and our priorities? Perhaps it is the time to reevaluate. Holy times are upon us. Our great Mother is speaking. To enter into the heart of the rose where she resides. Asking all to re-connect and honor the natural rhythms of life and cycles of our humanness. To go deep with Her as She builds the bridge between the states of life called birth and death. What is calling to be transformed? What is calling to be rebirthed? There is an almighty power ready to be released within the heart of every human being. It’s purpose – the awakening of the soul. A work of great love and compassion. The healing of every human being is the healing of our Great Mother – it is the healing of all Her creatures – and we as part of Creation. Each human being is a mother, being prepared to die and give birth to oneself in the same life.