WOMEN’S CIRCLE IMMERSION FOUR with Grandmother Flordemayo
Prayers, Vision, Wisdom & Spirituality of The Maya

September 23-25, 2019
Menla, Phoenicia, NY

Led by Grandmother Flordemayo and her daughter Heather

We will explore the prayers, vision, wisdom, and spirituality of the Maya. On the first day, we will talk about the prophecies and the power of I’x or the Sacred Feminine. We’ll honor the three sisters; squash, corn and beans and make seed bundles. On the second day, we will concentrate on honoring the elements. Participants are encouraged to bring ash, water and earth for a prayer ceremony combining those elements. On the final day, we will discuss the Mayan calendar and offer individual Mayan charts for each participant.  We will share information about the day-lords and tones for the Sacred calendar. Sessions will begin with a prayer and guided meditation.

*Limited to 25 participants per circle.